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Agrani Sangha – NJP, Siliguri


Established in 1958, Agrani Sangha has contributed a lot towards the development of Siliguri. It had organized the famous Siliguri Marathon. The club holds vaccination program for children every Sunday as told by the Club’s President Akshay Kumar Ghosh. It hosts the pulse polio program and hence saves today’s children from tomorrow’s ill effects of polio by providing polio vaccines in the centres opened for this purpose. They do a wondrful job by giving children polio vaccines since it is said to be, “do boond zindagi ki”. Apart from Polio vaccination, the club provides for other vaccination too like hepatitis B and all.

Agrani Sangha not only does stuffs for the betterment of the society, instead it also provides for Dance and Art Classes. By providing Dance class, physical exercise is done by the dancers and by providing art classes mental exercise is done by the artists. By providing for these two classes, the club turns many a dreams into reality by transforming liking into passion and passion into career.

Apart from providing such valuable services, the club also organizes sports. Many district level players have come out from this club as said by the Club Secretary, Kishor Kumar Dey.

The Siliguri Marathon

The Siliguri Marathon is arguably one of the biggest sporting event in the city of Siliguri in recent times. As a tribute to the spirit of Siliguri, people from all quarter of the society will run for a cause that they support from their heart and believe to dealt with importance and care.

A run that the people of Siliguri will run irrespective of cast, creed and religion for the city they love. A run to show their respect, love, gratitude and all other emotional bonding. The run will make all the participants who actively participate on road and to all those who actively participate on road and to all those who stand by the road and cheer up the runners, proud of to make our dear city a part of the world’s marathon family.

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