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Alo Sose… Rabindranath Tagore’s poem based theme of Sanghashree club


“Alo sose chir jagat badhe preme bandhone, pujoye ebar sob mili bhai, amar alor sandhane…” , poem written by the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore is the theme of this year’s durga puja in Siliguri. According to the Puja President, R.P.Sharma, the club will be celebrating its 48th year of Durga Puja celebration this year.

The main attraction of the pandal is the Giant Sun. A giant sun is being made up of aluminum foil sheet which gives the impression of 10000 people holding each other in the form of a sun.The brightness spread out in the sun-shaped pandal will be due to the attractive lighting effects.

The pandal is being made of aluminum foil sheet, thermocol, bamboo, teak wood etc. The pandal will change colour at night and reflect sunlight at the daytime making the pandal gorgeous both at night and in the daytime.

The entire decoration is being done by the hard-working and renowned Rakesh Dhar from Punjabipara and the idol is being bought from Bhupesh Paul from Siliguri itself. Choosing local artists for decoration as well as for idol shows that our town does not lag behind in any aspect and along with it, it boosts the self-confidence of the artists too giving them a chance and the will to perform even better.

What a puja without ‘prasad’. ‘Prasad’ is the blessing of which when we have, we take a shower of blessing from god and a shower of blessing from Goddess Durga is irresistible. The club will distribute ‘maha-prasad’ on ‘navmi’, the ninth and the last day of Navaratri, with which the Puja comes to an end. People can avail the ‘prasad-distribution’ from 1pm-9pm on ‘navmi’.

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