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AMTALA YUVA SAMITY – Ashrampara, Siliguri

Amtala Yuva Samity situated in Ashrampara, Siliguri laid its foundation in 1952. It is one of those clubs which has done lots for the society and is still pursuing in its effort to do good for the people. The Club President, Mr. Prabir Kumar Sikdar and the Club secretary, Mr. Mritunjay Saha are pursing to keep up the old tradition of the club by running the various co-curricular activities. His club runs an art school, thereby making the parent’s dream come true by giving their kids a bright opportunity of excelling in arts.

A good news for the stronger kids- this club runs a karate coaching center for the ones who want to be their own protectors. And in today’s world it’s important especially for girls to know how to protect themselves from the evil-eyed men in the society. Amtala Yuva Samiti also hosts the pulse polio program. It saves today’s children from tomorrow’s ill effects of polio by providing polio vaccines in the centers opened for this purpose. They do a wonderful job by giving children polio vaccines since it is said to be, “do pal zindagi ki”. Their social work doesn’t only end here, this club every year organizes free blood sugar test camp. Diabetes is a disease which has taken half of the world in its embrace. Leave alone the old people, its the kids too who get affected by this terrible disease. More than half of the population of the world die early because of some or the other way affected by this deadly disease.

Along with this, this club organizes Japanese encephalitis vaccine too. Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a serious infection caused by a virus. It occurs mainly in rural parts of Asia. JE virus spreads through the bite of infected mosquitoes. It cannot spread directly from person to person. The risk of JE is very low for most travelers, but it is higher for people living or traveling for long periods in areas where the disease is common. Most people infected with JE virus don’t have any symptoms at all. For others, JE virus infection can cause illness ranging from fever and headache to severe encephalitis (brain infection). Symptoms of encephalitis are fever, neck stiffness, seizures, changes in consciousness, or coma.About 1 person in 4 with encephalitis dies. Of those who don’t die, up to half may suffer permanent brain damage. There is some evidence that an infection in a pregnant woman can harm her unborn baby.

Along with it, Amtala Yuva Samiti is blessed by poor and needy because this club distributes to them clothes every year. Distributing food and clothes to the poor comes in the first rank of social service and maybe this is one reason for the continuous upgradation of this club because blessings count.


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