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Ancient Mythical Temple of Milanpally Yubak Brinda


Siliguri Durga Puja 2013, Durga Puja organizer, Milanpally Yubak Brinda here is boosting-up to take devotees on an ancient tour. They have named their theme as, Ancient Temple, where they have planned to show the ancient structured durga puja pandal to the devotees.

According to Puja Committee president Mr. Manoranjan Dey they are celebrating 48th anniversary of Durga Puja Committee and this time, the ancient mythical temple themed Durga Puja will this time blow-up the historical mood to the devotees. While the pandal’s exteriors will be various kalpanik designs, it will look like the temple at the time of Kings and Queens.

The interior as well as exterior of the puja pandal will be decorated using plywood, choat and glass fibre. Puja Committee secretary, Tapash Nandi said that Durga Mata idol will be designed by artist Ganesh Paul from Kumar tolli, Siliguri.

Artist from Kumar Tolly (Siliguri) are working day night to make the durga mata idol more attractive and The club have decided some social activities like, Cloth distribution to poor and needy. On the day of Maha Astami the club will be distributing Khichdi as Maha Prasad.


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