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Babupara Boys Club display the tragic event of Kedarnath

Kali puja 2013 siliguri

Established in 1971, Babupara Boys Club situated in Babupara, near a coaching center is going to celebrate its 43rd year of Kali Puja this year. And this year the club’s theme is that of the huge tragedy that took place few days back at Kedarnath in which thousands of people lost their lives and properties. The club is going to display this tragic event in this year’s pandal.

The Puja President Ganesh Das has anounced that this year’s pandal is being made of materials such as plywood, chaat, plaster of Paris, natural roots and leaves and tins. The use of natural roots and leaves present an element of eco-friendliness in it.

The Puja Secretary informed that Lighting is being done by the local electricians who though local are not less renowned. The use of magnificent lights will take the pandal to another level, much better and much brighter than even in sunlight.

Though the electricians are local, the decorators have been called from all the way to Siliguri from Krishnanagar situated in Nadia district of West Bengal. Their perfection will be worth beholding.



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