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Balaka Club and Pathagar


Balaka Club and Pathagar (Sukantapally Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee) was established in 1968. The club is ever since engaged in social, sports and cultural activity.

The club runs an Art School in which children enhance their drawing skills. Art along with being a talent is also a form of meditation is an art which enhances our imagination power and helps mix the imaginative and the physical world which is depicted in the canvas.

The club is doing a bit hatke job by running an Anganbari school for those female workers who have to work inspite of having small kids. Small kids are taken care of here when their mothers go for work in the fields or elsewhere.

Blood donation, one of the noblest works is undertaken by this club. The club spreads awareness among the people about the dying of RBCs in our body at regular intervals which can be better used for saving someone else’s life by donating blood.

Medical Chekup Camps are too held by the club to ensure that the members of the society can get themselves checked up and treated. It especially facilitates the poor and the far-away people who cannot afford to avail hospital’s or clinic’s facilities.

Sports too come in the higher realm of the club. Football, Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball and even Carom tournaments are held to give the players a chance to shine and be known.

For any assistance, you can call Samir Nandi at 94343-50930.

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