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Best Destinations to Celebrate Holi in India


Holi the Indian festival of colors

holi-destinationHoli is the Indian festival of colors. This festival is celebrated during spring season by all Indian masses. Holi is also considered as the festival of love. Holi is also celebrated with great pomp by Hindus who reside in other countries of South East Asia. Even non Hindus residing in South Asia also love to play with colors during the festival of Holi. Holi is celebrated mainly in India and Nepal and in those regions of the world that are inhabited by Hindus and Indians. It is good to see that Holi has also become a favorite festival of fun and enjoyment among Americans and Europeans. People of these destinations consider Holi as a festival of colors, love, frolic and brotherhood.

Time of celebrating Holi

The festival of holi is celebrated at the approach on Phalguna Poornima (full moon day). This day comes during the month of March or during the last week of February. The festival of Holi denotes the victory of good over evil forces. This festival also signifies the commencement of summer season. On this day people meet each other and play with gulaal of diverse colors like red, yellow, green, red, pink and blue.

How is Holi celebrated?

The celebration of Holi commences with the bonfire in the name of Holika at one night before the festival. People gather around the bonfire, they sing and dance with each other. The next morning is celebrated as a colorful carnival. Holi is the festival of fun, enjoyment and unique thrill. People play with their favorite colors on the day of Holi. They greet each other with love and affection on the day of Holi. They entertain each other with sweets and beverages. Holi is a good occasion to review troublesome relationships. It is believed that one can make foes as friends on the sweet occasion of Holi.

Best destinations to celebrate Holi

Following are the best destinations in India where Holi is well celebrated:

1)   Gujarat: People of Gujarat celebrate Holi as “Dhuleti”. On this occasion Gujaraties spread colored water to each other. They also play with each other by using colored gulaal. People of Gujarat enjoy the colorful festival of Holi with music, dance, tasty food and diverse colors. The colonies in Gujarat also carry a sweet ritual on the day of Holi. They hang a pot full of butter at a great height. Young boys form human pyramids to reach the pot and break it. This ritual is held to recollect the childhood pranks of Krishna and his cowherd friends who used to steal butter as a sweet mischief.

2)   Uttar Pradesh: Holi is celebrated with great pomp and joy in Uttar Pradesh. Benaras, Mathura and Braj are those cities where people celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm. They celebrate the world famous “Lath Mar Holi”. In this kind of Holi men play with women by using water colors and gulaal. On the other hand women play with men by using wooden sticks.

 3) Delhi: Delhi represents Holi as a Rowdy fest. People staying near or visiting to Paharganj there should be prepared to be coloured by shopkeepers and children. Tickets to the cow festival can be a really entertaining deal for you as it is the festival of color, music and fun there. the environment is safer and full of non toxic colors there. Bhaang, lassis, street food and colour sprinklers are real Holi favours in the city.

4) Jaipur: in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Holi is the kind of celebration which is celebrated as elephant festival. Elephant beauty contest, parades and folk dances are the leading attractions there at Holi eve. A tug of war between elephants is also something that attracts local and foreign visitors there. This extensive deal adds extra fun in Holi celebration there.  Rest all goes like traditional holi celebration ideas using colors, street food and special Holi eatables.


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