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Bidhan Sporting Club to greet visitors with a traditional Kali Puja Pandal

bidhan road siliguri kali puja

Bidhan Sporting Club, located at Kanchanjunga Stadium, Bidhan Road is gearing up to greet visitors with a traditional Kali Puja Pandal on its 47th year of Kali Puja celebrations.

The Puja Committee Secretary, Sri Tushar Kanti Ghosh said, “this year the puja committee will bring Traditional Ancient Home based theme in which the visitor can see the forests where the many incomplete or broken statues will be placed, which can be also called handicapped style statues and Ma Kali idol will be placed inside the Ancient Home.”

The Pandal decoration is being done by the decorators from Mednipur, West Bengal and the tantalizing lighting decoration is done by the electricians and decorators from Chandan Nagar says, Mr. Ghosh.

The theme will try to support the handicapped ones and has displayed the same. One the other hand like past year, this year also Maa Kali idol will be attracting visitors with its glare.

Bidhan Sporting Club has now been at the forefront of building theme based pandals.


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