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Big Budget Durga Puja of Siliguri Rabindra Sangha


“Maa aasche dolay chodhe, Lakkhi gacha sathe kore…”, is the theme of Rabindra Sangha’s Puja this year. The line has been taken from a Bengali poem the meaning of which is that Maa Durga is coming on a swing along with Maa Lakshmi. The poem describes the theme, the meaning statnding for a big-budget puja,2013 as concluded by the Puja President Mr. Swapan Nandi. This year the club will be celebrating its 61 years of Durga Puja Celebration.

The idol of goddess Durga has been bought from Kolkata’s Kumartoli, an International market for idols of gods and goddesses. The artist Mohal Basi Rudra Pal has been awarded by the President for his memorable work as a maker of idols. Pradip Rudra Pal is the accomplice of the former artist in making of the idol of this particular idol which the club has bought.

The credit for the decoration of the the pandal goes to Sraboni Decorators who have come all the way from Nabadweep. They have been specifically called because of their immense name and fame as artists and decorators. The pandal is handcrafted port art based.

Says the Joint Puja Secretary, Uttam Majumdar and Sandip Sengupta that the club has bagged the award of Sunayani Durga (beautiful eye of the Goddess Durga) in 2012 and hope the club bags an award or two this season too.

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