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Bombay Ganesh Temple at Renaissance Club Durga Puja 2013


Renaissance Club will be celebrating its 60th year of Durga Puja celebration and at this auspicious occasion, the pandal is being designed in the form of Bombay Ganesh Temple, well known as the Sidhdhi-Vinayak temple, one of the richest temple of India, as told by the Puja President, Sambhu Nath Ghosh.

Puja Secretary, Amitabh Sarkar tells that the materials used for making the pandal are bamboo, thermocol, plywood, artistic cloth etc.The decoration will be done by the renowned Kalighar Siliguri Artist. Kalighar Siliguri Artist has a number of awards in its name for best decorations in and around Siliguri in all pujas including Durga Puja, Kali Puja and the like.

The idol is almost ready, made in the hands of Ganesh Paul in Kumartoli, Siliguri. Siliguri’s Kumartoli is not less than Kolkata’s renowned Kumartoli. As the idols made in Kolkata are famous near and far so is the one in Siliguri. One of the best and beautiful idol is being taken by the club. Bringing the idol from the locality suggests a nice bonding between the neighbors. It will also boost up the courage and self-confidence of the local artists.

Community service will be done during the pujas. Blood donation camp is to be held on ‘sashti’, the sixth day of Navaratri and cloth distribution is to be done on ‘astami’, the eighth and the most importan at day of the Navaratri.

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