Abahani Chakra

Royal Palace of Coochbehar to be seen in Abahani Chakra’s durga puja Pandal this year.

Like every year with realistic and economic creativity, this year Abahani Chakra is boosting up to show the devotees the innovative pandal on their 52nd year of Durga Puja. This year the club is making the Pandal with the theme, The Royal Palace of Coochbehar which is fully made up of Bamboo says, Puja Committee Secretary, Sri Uttam Das. To attract the kids and show the devotees the real creativity with bamboo, the club have made, Train and Cycle

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Abahani Chakra Sports and Cultural Club

Abahani Chakra Sports and Cultural Club , situated at Hill Cart Road, Siliguri Junction Siliguri was established in the year 1978 is a precursor in upholding the cultural heritage of North Bengal. It works towards the advancement of the society and organizes several activities and programs to enhance the lifestyle in Siliguri, says, the Club President Sri Sibotosh Chakraborty. The Club primarily concentrate o the famous sports like Cricket and Football.

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