Agragami Sangha

Different Forms of Lord Shiva at Agragami Sangha Durga Puja Mandap

Durga Puja 2015 Siliguri: Agragami Sangha’s Durga Puja will attract devotees with the different forms of lord Shiva in their Durga Puja Pandal this year. Here are some more details: Club Name: Agragami Sangha Durga Puja Theme Name: Adhunik Shiva Mandir Year Running: 54 Year Main Attraction: Different Forms of Lord Shiva Pendal Materials Used: Thermacole, plywood, Bamboo, Choat, etc Pandal Height: 18 ft. Width: 55ft. Lighting: Local Idol:   Local

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Agragami Sangha, Hakimpara, Siliguri

Agragami Sangha, one of the old as well as great clubs situated at Haren Mukherjee Road, Hakimpara, Siliguri. The club was established in 1962, which have lot of faboulous sportman and the club specially focuses on two best famous sports i.e. football and cricket says, club president Mr. Parimal Bhowmic There are numbers of good sportsman in this club like footballer Sri Paritosh Bhomik (Bhulu Da) and many more sportsmen in different fields like,

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