Balaka Club

Pauranik Shiv Mandir to be seen in Sukantapally Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee

  Siliguri Durga Puja 2013, the Puja President, Manik Chakraborty informs the public that the club is celebrating its 46th year of Durga Puja. The Puja President, Samir Nandi told that the theme of their this yera’s puja is a Kalpanik Pauranik Shiv Mandir. The idol has been bought from Siliguri’s Kumartoli which is not less than Kolkata’s Kumatoli. The idol basically is from Kolkata Joy Dhak of Kumartoli.The materials used for making the

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Balaka Club and Pathagar

Balaka Club and Pathagar (Sukantapally Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee) was established in 1968. The club is ever since engaged in social, sports and cultural activity. The club runs an Art School in which children enhance their drawing skills. Art along with being a talent is also a form of meditation is an art which enhances our imagination power and helps mix the imaginative and the physical world which is depicted in the canvas. The club is doing

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