Dadabhai Sporting Club

Cottage Craft with Ice Cream Spoon to Attract Maximum Devotees during Durga Puja at Siliguri

Siliguri Durga Puja 2014 Update: Durga Puja is a main Bengali festival that celebrates worship of Hindu goddess Durga, which is just a week away. To add extreme attraction to their respective Durga Puja Pandals various community Puja committees in West Bengal usually try innovative ways of decoration. The Durga Puja Committees wish to attract maximum number of crowds to visit their decorative Pandals. Dada Bhai Sporting Club, one of the oldest and

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Dadabhai Sporting Club Durga Puja Theme: Shiver Jata Tikhe Ganga Anaynyone Bhorte Morte Mangal Kamona

As the theme specifies the Mythical story about the holy Ganga originated in the earth and the role of lord Shiva to save all the creatures of world from disaster and turn the origination of the holy Ganga to conferring happiness, this Durga Puja 2013 Dadabhai Sporting Club is going to recall and show that story in the form of Durga puja to all the devotees. This year Dadabhai Sporting Club has stepped-inn 32nd years of Durga Puja. Based on the theme,

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Dada Bhai Sporting Club – Deshbandhu Para Siliguri

Dadabhai Sporting Club, one of the oldest as well as popular sporting clubs of Siliguri, established 1950. The club mainly focuses on sports activity and has illuminated their name in not only in North Bengal and India but also in the foreign countries says club president Mr. Bishnu Ranjan Dam. The club mainly provides coaching on some greatest games like Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Athletes and Table Tennis. The Club Is Affiliated BY S.M.K.P.

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