Jatio Tarun Sangha

Chandan Nagar Gorgeous Lighting present in Jatiya Tarun Sangha

Siliguri JTS club has been establishes since 62 years, it has been celebrating Durga Puja since 46 years which too is a long time. The Puja President is same as the Club President, Mr. Kumar Kanti Ghosh. The Puja pandal will be made on the theme of a traditional Indian Temple. The decorations are being taken care of the club’s Secretary, Prantosh Saha. Led light decorations from Chandan Nagar is being used for display this time. The pandal will

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Siligui JTS Club (Jatiya Tarun Sangha)

Siliguri Jatiya Tarun Sangha, also known JTS Club as JTS is one of the oldest and the most celebrated club of Siliguri.This club has completed 62 year’s of its history as told by the Club President, Kumar Kanti Ghosh. This club is one of the big-budget clubs of the town which celebrates Durga Puja with great pomp and show and not only Durga Puja, this club is engaged in many other sports and social service activities throughout the year, especially

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