Jewel Athletic Club

Dhaker Saaj at Jewel Athletic Club

Siliguri Durga Puja 2015: The theme of this year’s puja is ‘Daaker Saaj’. Jewel Athletic Club is one among the oldest and famous club in Siliguri. Here are the details about durga puja this year: Puja Committee Name: Jewel Athletic Club Durga Puja Theme Name: Dhaker Saaj Year Running: 43 Year Main Attraction: Totally Dhaker Saaj Protima and Pandal Pendal Materials Used: Thermacole, plywood, Bamboo, Cloth,  etc Pandal  Height: 35 ft. Width: 37ft.

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Daaker Saaj of Jewel Athletic Club will stir visitors in siliguri this Durga Puja 2013

Puja President, Dr. R.K. Agarwal infromed that this club will be celebrating its 42nd Durga Puja Pandal this year. The theme of this year’s puja is ‘Daaker Saaj’. Puja Secretary, Santanu Bose has said that this year’s idol will be coming from the famous Kumartoli, Kolkata. Kumortuli (also spelt Kumartoli, or the archaic spelling Coomartolly) (Bengali: কুমোরটুলি) is a traditionally potters’ quarter in northern Kolkata (previously

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Jewel Athletic Club – Punjabipara, Siliguri

Jewel Athletic Club, established in 1972, is one of the newly-born clubs in Siliguri, but that doesn’t mean that this club is still a child. It has grown full years to establish itself in such few years. It is one of the leading clubs in town. Jewel Athletic Club has proved itself in many areas of actions like sports, social service and the like. It hosts the pulse polio program. It saves today’s children from tomorrow’s ill effects of polio

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