Mahananda Sporting Club

Traditional Puja Pandal of Mahanada Sporting Club will hookup visitors

Mahananda Sporting Club will be celebrating its 55 years of Puja Pandal decoration this time. The Puja President, Subal Dutta along with Puja Secretary, Milan Bose and the other committee members have decided to celebrate traditional Durga puja this time. In this modern era of globalization and westernization, people are brainwashed to follow the West. The people of Orient especially India are moving away from their roots; They are forgetting their

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Mahananda Sporting Club – Siliguri

The Mahandanda Sporting Club Committee, one of the old organizers of Durga Puja in North Bengal, is all set to surprise visitors with an astonishing theme, aesthetic craft work, decoration and lights on its 55th year of celebration. The committee’s puja organization is one of the 42 big-budget events in North Bengal and has bagged several awards under numerous categories over the years. It has also clinched the best puja award for several years.

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