Rabindra Sangha

Big Budget Durga Puja of Siliguri Rabindra Sangha

“Maa aasche dolay chodhe, Lakkhi gacha sathe kore...”, is the theme of Rabindra Sangha’s Puja this year. The line has been taken from a Bengali poem the meaning of which is that Maa Durga is coming on a swing along with Maa Lakshmi. The poem describes the theme, the meaning statnding for a big-budget puja,2013 as concluded by the Puja President Mr. Swapan Nandi. This year the club will be celebrating its 61 years of Durga Puja Celebration.

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Siliguri Rabindra Sangha

Siliguri Rabindra Sangha situated in Rabindrapally, Siliguri was established in 1952. The club has lots to offer to the society including sports, social service, cultural activities and the like. The club is a pioneer in sports especially Table Tennis. Siliguri famous for it’s T’s including Tea and Tourism also feature Table Tennis in it. Table Tennis though an indoor game is quite known outdoors. With two players with a mini bat each and a small

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