Ramkrishna Club

Mount Kailash at Ramkrishna Byayam Shiksha Sangha

Durga Puja Siligur 2013 Updates: On its 66th year of Durga Puja Celebration, the club RamKrishna Byayam Shiksha Sangha has designed its pandal in the form of Mount Kailash Shiv Mandir, said, the Puja President Soumitra Kundu. The Mount Kailash Siv Mandirisupto has been made in a raised platform of a high level. We can imagine entering Mount Kailash through the puja pandal. The beautiful enigmatic Goddess Durga will be found seated in Mount Kailash

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Says the Club President, Arun Sarkar that the club took its birth in the year 1948 and hence has been a centre for various activities such as sports, cultural programmes and social service. The club is obsessed with fitness; hence it patronizes sports a lot. Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket and Badminton are few of the games the club is engaged into. It also holds TT tournament every year that too inter-club and inter-state level. Gym and multi

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