Shakti Sopan Club

Kalpanik Mandir to be seen at Durga Puja Pandal of Shakti Sopan Club

Shakti Sopan Club Puja Committee President Mr.Nirmal Biswas says that, this year they are ready with the Traditional Kalpnik Temple as Durga Puja Pandal. Every year the club tries to make something special that attracts Durga Puja visitors. Secondly, for the attraction the club have opted Chak da from Nadia, West Bengal for Pandal Decoration whereas the local electrician have decorated the lighting stuffs. The puja committee secretary Mr. Keshav

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Shakti Sopan Club – Babupara Main Road, Siliguri

Shakti Sopan Club is one of the oldest clubs in Siliguri. Sri Shankar Malakar is the president of the club and Mr. Prasanto Roy is the secretary of the club. Like other clubs, this club also performs many activities like, the club has their table tennis coaching center, Indian dance classes, Art classes, etc. Shakti Sopan club also performs several social activities among which the main activities performed by this club are, donation for old age

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