Suryanagar Durga Puja (Mahila College)

Suryanagar Fancy Youth Club (Mahila College) Durga Puja 2015 Theme Vokaptta

Durga Puja 2015  Siliguri : This year  Suryanagar Fancy Youth Club (Mahila College) located at Surya Nagar, Siliguri have named their durga puja Theme as  "Vokaptta".  Here are the more details: Club Name: Suryanagar Fancy Youth Club (Mahila College) Durga Puja Theme Name: Vokaptta (Guri & Lattai) Year Running: 65th Year Main Attraction: Village based with Kites and Lattari Pendal Materials Used: Cloth, Bamboo, wood, etc Pandal  Height:

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Siliguri Durga Puja 2013 Theme: Projapoti (Giant Butterfly) landing at Surya Nagar Sarwajanin Durga Puja Committee

On the 64th year of establishment, Suryanagar Fancy Youth Club (Mahila College) considers and reinforced the thought that change & creation is always constant. This year they bring the theme Projapoti (Giant Butterfly) – color of life representing the process of creation of a butterfly from cocoon. The puja committee is also named as, Surya Nagar Sarwajanin Durga Puja Committee We consider colour synonym to festival. Butterfly is the symbol

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Suryanagar Fancy Youth Club – Mahila College, Siliguri

Suryanagar Fancy Club situated at Surya Nagar, Mahila College, Siliguri is one among the oldest clubs and durga Puja organizers in Siliguri, North Bengal. The club indulges in sports completions. Outdoor games such as Football and Cricket competition is held every year. It gives a chance to the younger section of the society to display their talents in front of the crowd. Along with this, Indoor games such as Carom competition is also held. Carom

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