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Aarti Competition to be held by Chalantika Club (GTS Club) for Durga Puja


Chalantika Club for Durga Puja is organized by only women of the locality no single men. The Puja Secretary(Joint), Mahua Samaddar and Soma Mukhopadhdhay have said that this year’s puja is based on a Traditional Imaginary Temple. Maa Durga will reside under the roofs of this mythical temple.

Various programmes will be held during the pujas. On Saptami, Ashtami and Navami,games competition and aarti competition will be held towards the evening which will make the puja even more interesting. On Astami, Maha-prasad in th form of the famous Khichchdi or hoch-potch will be ditributed. The intake of prasad will ensure god’s blessings on us.

The idol has been bought from Siliguri’s Kumartoli, situated in Mahanandapara, which is a mini Kumartoli of Kolkata. The Decorators too are local but the best.

Clothes distribution will take place during the pujas itself. After Dashmi, cultural programmes will be held in the club, enhancing its entertainment factor even more. On Visarjan on Dashmi, children, women, men all participate actively. They sing and dance and enjoy themselves. Women play Sidur-Khela and men play with aabir. Its a worth-beholding sight.


Image source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aarti

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