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Durga Puja 2016 Theme Rajbanshi Masan Kuldevta at Haiderpara Sporting Club Siliguri

siliguri durga puja 2016 theme haiderpara sporting club

Durga Puja 2016, Siliguri: Haiderpara Sporting Club is celebrating their 47th Year of Durga Puja Celebration. This Durga Puja Committee is famous among Theme based Durga Puja Pandal ans specially in promoting the endangered culture and religion and every time doing something new and very creative. This year too it’s out of expectation.

This year in the Durga Puja Committee have brought the endangered culture of “Rajbanshi’s Masan Kul Devta Worship” which is still conducted few Rajbanshi villages, this culture is 200 to 250 years old, hence name their durga puja theme as, “Uttar Banger Ranger Khela, Masan Shilper Rangeen Mela”. Today generation have forgotten these culture of worshipping masan kul devta but this culture was alive but endangered. Siliguri Haiderpara Sporting Club joint secretary Nimai Pal said, Puja this year’s total budget is estimated to 10 lakh.

13 to 14 forms of Masan Kul Devta made of sola will be placed to decorate the puja pandal. Artists from village of Rajganj, Sapan Basak, Nagrakata, Khoribari, Batasi are decorating the whole puja pansal and masan devata models.

500 Kupi (Traditional Lamp) with original lights will be used for lighting the puja pandal. Mr. Pal said, 2500 bamboo are used to decorate the puja pandal having 60 ft height and 30 ft width.

Club President, Sanjay Saha said, the lighting show of Masan Kul Devta Worship and Durga Puja immersion rituals using Banana leaf according to Rajbanshi’s Masan Kuldevta culture will specially attract the visitors.

Puja Pandal will be inaugurated on Chaturthi by tourism Minister, Gautam Dev. Various cultural events and social activities will be organized during Puja organizers said.




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