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Himachal Sangha


Established in 1972, the club is a pioneer in sports, cultural and social activities. Since it came into existance, club has actively participated in the gratification of the society, said the Club President Swadesh Ghosh and the Club Secretary, Parag Roy.

The club is deeply into Sports. Each year an All India Voleyball Tournament is held in which players of every State in India takes part. The club ensures an active participation of the states of India. It is a proud factor for our town that a club in it participates in All India Volleyball Tournament.
Table-Tennis, one of T’s for which Siliguri is known for, forms an integral part of the club. It runs a TT coaching centre in which presently there are 45 students, which is not less. Apart from this, Football is also played by the local players in the club campus.

Along with Sports, the club engrosses in cultural programmes as well. Rabindra Jayanti , Netaji Jayanti and 25th Baisak are celebrated with great pomp and show. The commemoration of the birthdays of such great men of Bengal like our Noble Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore and the leader of our India National Army, Subash Chandra Bose is worth it and 25th Baisak has a deep traditional impact on the minds and hearts of the people of West Bengal, especially the Bengalis.

Apart from these, the club also runs a library in which people of all age come and spent time with books and literature. It specially facilitates the students for it channelizes their energy and puts it in good use. Books have always been our best friends and utilising it is one of the best works in life.

The club does not only maintain a library, but it also provides books for the poor students who have the will to study but do not have the means to study. Providing books to such merits students is one of the noblest work done by the club authorities.

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