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How Holi is celebrated in Rajasthan?

holi celebration in rajasthan

How Holi is celebrated in Rajasthan

holi celebration in rajasthanHoli in Rajasthan is played in the same way as in Mathura. Before the full moon night, people gather together and ignite huge bonfires for burning the residue of dry leaves and winter twigs. After this ritual, people throw gulal, kumkum and water on each other. They also But without traditional Dhol beats nothing is complete, so here in Rajasthan people always celebrate Holi with lots of happiness.

In different parts of Rajasthan people celebrate Holi with different methods. If you want to know more about these methods and rituals then continue reading.

  1. Celebration by Royals: – On this cheerful occasion Royals of Rajasthan show their festival spirit and mingle with their commoners. Above all, royal courts of North India have transformed this special festival in an art. Warriors of Rajputs present their skills on the auspicious occasion of Holi. According to a ritual in Rajasthan the Rajput men ride on their steeds across red and white color and throw the gulal powder on each other.
  2. Braj Mahotsav: – The world famous Braj Mahotsav is held in the honor of Lord Krishna. This famous festival is celebrated few days before the Holi. This festival is marked with zest and verve. Villagers of Rajasthan are seen singing and dancing, performing raslilas which depicts the immortal stories of Lord Krishna and Radha.

Along with all these rituals there are many other folk traditions which are celebrated in Rajasthan.

  1. Mali Holi: – In Rajasthan holi is played in many different ways. A special community named ‘mali’ (gardener) has unique style of playing holi. In this style the many throw color on women and in return women retaliate them by hitting with a long piece of cloth or stick.
  2. Gair at Godaj: – In this type of holi trend, men from 12 villages assemble at Godaj village situated near Ajmer, Rajasthan for playing gair some days after holi. Here every village brings his own gair troupes and drummer. They represent their village by showing their unique drum representation. The best one is awarded. For taking part in this competition type of occasion, drummers from 12 villages start preparing from few months before holi. Although it is a competition but people had great fun here.
  3. Dolchi Holi at Bikaner: – According to Bikaner specialty, members of Vyas and Harsh communities celebrate holi by throwing water on each other. For this purpose they make the use of a special type of vessel named as ‘DOLCHI’. This vessel is made from camel skin. Here people are following this ritual from more than 300 years.

In Rajasthan, holi is the most beautiful festival and people celebrate this festival with lots of cheers and joy. If you want to taste the flavor of Rajasthani holi then please do go Rajasthan during holi festival and observe yourself that how people there take the pleasure of colors and music. I am sure this will be the best holi of your life. Happy Rajasthani Holi!!!


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