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Holi Festival of Colors and How People Celebrate Holi


Holi: the wonderful festival of Colors in India

India is a land of diverse festivals. Indians spend the entire part of the year by celebrating different festivals. Holi has a unique glory among all Indian festivals. Holi is considered as the festival of colors. People in India celebrate Holi with great joy and thrill. This festival is celebrated in India by Hindus and even people of other religious communities.

Story behind Holi

Holi denotes the victory of good over evil. The story behind the festival is as follows:

There was a demon King named Hirankashyap.  He was very powerful and mighty. He had got the boon from lord Brahma that he won’t be killed by any weapon or living being that has been created by lord Brahma. In another words Hirankashyap had made himself as invincible. After gaining invincibility he commanded all living beings to worship him as God. Hirankashyap stopped other people from worshipping lord Vishnu. Many people lost their lives at the hands of Hirankashyap in the course of being faithful devotees of lord Vishnu. Some people yielded to the power of this demon Hirankashyap.

Hirankashyap had a son named Prahlada. He was a great and faithful devotee of Lord Vishnu. When Hirankashyap came to know about his son’s devotion towards lord Vishnu he was surprised. He called Prahlada and told him that he is the most powerful entity of this entire galaxy. Hirankashyap ordered Prahlada to worship him in place of lord Vishnu. Prahlada told Hirankashyap about the glory of lord Vishnu. He told his father that he won’t leave his faith in lord Vishnu at any cost. This enraged Hirankashyap and he ordered his servants to torture Prahlada. The servants of Hirankashyap tortured Prahlada in many ways. They threw him alive from mountain peaks, they tried to put him to death by giving him poisoned food. Servants also tried Prahlada of being trampled under the foot of elephants. They tried the little devotee to get bitten by dangerous snakes. However they could not do any harm to Prahlada because he had full faith in Lord Vishnu and the latter protected him from all dangers. At last Holika the sister of Hirankashyap whose body was fire resistant took Prahlada in his lap and sat amidst fire. However due to having complete devotion in God, Prahlada was saved and Holika was burnt to ashes. The festival of Holi is celebrated in the memory of this incident.

How do people of different ages celebrate Holi

People of different ages celebrate Holi in different ways. Kids and teenagers love to play with water colors. They use pistol shaped color sprayers to make wet each other. Even young lads above 18 years love to play with colors. They move in groups all around the city with funny faces that are being made wet and colorful with water colors and gulaal. Ladies also play Holi with great enthusiasm. They love to prepare sweets on this colorful occasion. Friends meet and greet each other in a warm way. Even elders meet each other and congratulate each other on Holi, the warm festival of colors. On this occasion kids and young people take blessings from their elders. They enjoy eating sweets and drinking beverages.


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