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How Indians celebrate Christmas in India


India is called land of festivals. We celebrate various festivals pertaining to different faiths and such is the beauty of the country where every one respects the faith of each other. One of the most prominent festivals of the world, namely Christmas is round the corner and the Indian Christians have already started preparing for the same. Celebrated on 25th December, this sacred festival denotes the birthday of Lord Jesus.

Christians in India constitute around 5% and the craze and preparedness is naturally seen more in the Christian dominated areas.

What are the areas which are dominated by Christians?

  • When there is talk about celebrating Christmas in India, then the first preference certainly goes to Goa. It indeed holds a significant Christian population which does its best towards giving further reasons for Indians to celebrate the festival amidst fervor and gaiety. Old Portuguese style churches bear witness to whopping number of devotees who sang Christmas carols.
  • Christmas further finds its effective prominence in the southern state of Kerala and the commercial capital of the country namely Mumbai as well. Bandra an area of Mumbai is dominated mostly by Celebrities, also has a vast majority of Catholics. Equally, in such a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, you will see Christians in large numbers visiting Churches in various parts of the city.
  • South Indian cities of Bangalore as well as Chennai also host the Christmas festivities amidst fan fare and excitement thanks to the sizeable number of Christians who inhabit in these cities.
  • North eastern part of India also boasts about a greater population and places such as Arunachal Pradesh, Assam along with their adjoining states celebrate the festival with enthusiasm too.

Christmas and cuisines goes hand in hand

How can you celebrate any festival without food? Christmas is no exception as well. The festival is synonymous with various mouthwatering and sumptuous delicacies such as roast vegetables along with deserts etc.

How children celebrate the festival?

Christmas is the time which equally gives children coveted moments as “Santa” is there to cheer them up with cookies etc. This is the time of the year where they would be getting Christmas goodies as the bakeries are adorned with such lip smacking eatables which is hard to resist.

What do people do?

Churches in India (with respect to the rest of the world) hold Midnight Mass where people go and attend the same on the eve of Christmas. The excitement is certainly in the air and one can see houses, streets, shopping malls, book stalls etc are decorated. The proximity of the festival with the New Year further helps in giving reasons for the children as well as elders to celebrate Christmas for days together.

25th December is not too far as the preparations are on full swing. People are giving face-life to their houses. They are also thronging the market places to accomplish the requirements so that they can celebrate the festival in the best possible manner.


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