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Janashree Club, Ghoogumali, Siliguri


Situated in Ghoogumali, the club was established in 1979 and since then the club is engaged in social, cultural and sports activity, says the Club and Puja President Kamal Sen.

Janashree Club also holds blood-donation camps as told by the Club’s and Puja’s Secretary Mnindra Nath Saha. “Give blood, save life” is a very apt statement but this blood donation actually owns its credit to clubs like this. Without the initiative of clubs like this, it would not have been possible for the hospitals and blood banks to get blood on time to save the patient’s life.

Apart from blood donation program, the club organizes for Eye-Check-up Camp too. Almost everyone in the society is attacked by eye-problem and hence it becomes very important to get our eyes cheeked-up now and then. But there are people who cannot afford to go to the hospital and bear its costs along with the doctor’s fees and the medicine’s costs. Plus, there are also people who stay so far who cannot plan to go to hospitals and clinics and there are people too who don’t get time to go for regular check-ups. The club extends its helping hand to such needy people.

Football is also patronized by the club. Many refined players belong to this club who have glorified the town by their art of mastering over the game.

The club also distributes Clothes and Food to the poor and the needy and does other social service too. It also engages in many Cultural activities.

This year the club will be celebrating its 40th Durga Puja,long time indeed and the theme is that of a Traditional Indian Temple. The decoration of the pandal,the idol, the sound and light will be mesmerizing.

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