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Jatiya Shakti Sangha and Pathagar


Jatiya Shakti Sangha and Pathagar (Uttar Mallaguri Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee), Siliguri came into existence in 1982. The Club President, Sona Halder informed that the club ever since its birth is actively engaged in its contribution to the society.

The club organizes for Eye-Chekup Cam at regular basis,says the Club Secretary, Abhijit Karmakar. Almost everyone in the society is attacked by eye-problem and hence it becomes very important to get our eyes cheked-up now and then. But there are people who cannot afford to go to the hospital and bear its costs along with the doctor’s fees and the medicine’s costs.Plus, there are also people who stay so far who cannot plan to go to hospitals and clinics and their are people too who don’t get time to go for regular checkups. The club extends its helping hand to such needy people.

Table-Tennis, one of T’s for which Siliguri is known for, forms an integral part of the club. It runs a TT coaching center in which presently there are many students playing their heart out. Apart from this, badminton and carom, most preferred winter sport and indoor games respectively, are also encouraged by the club committee.

Free Medical Chekup Camps are too held by the club to ensure that the members of the society can get themselves cheeked up and treated. It especially facilitates the poor and the far-away people who cannot afford to avail hospital’s or clinic’s facilities.

The club also provides books for the poor students who have the will to study but do not have the means to study. Providing books to such meritous students is one of the noblest work done by the club authorities.

Along with all such activities, the club does a very high noble work by giving donations to a girl’s family in her marriage and by doing charity for performing death funeral and rituals. Poor people highly benefit from this act of kindness of the club.

Dial 98320-95987 for any queries.

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