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Jewel Athletic Club – Punjabipara, Siliguri

Jewel Athletic Club, established in 1972, is one of the newly-born clubs in Siliguri, but that doesn’t mean that this club is still a child. It has grown full years to establish itself in such few years. It is one of the leading clubs in town.

Jewel Athletic Club has proved itself in many areas of actions like sports, social service and the like. It hosts the pulse polio program. It saves today’s children from tomorrow’s ill effects of polio by providing polio vaccines in the centers opened for this purpose. They do a wonderful job by giving children polio vaccines since it is said to be, “do boond zindagi ki”.

Apart from pulse polio programe, Jewel Athletic Club also holds blood-donation camps as told by the club’s Secretary, Manik Dey. “Give blood, Save life”is a very apt statement but this blood donation actually owns its credit to clubs like this.

Along with it, the club also organizes free eye-check-up camp for the people of the town. It especially facilitates the poor people who due to scarcity of money cannot afford to the pay the fees of the doctors and medicines in hospitals and chambers. Free eye-check-up camp organized in small schools and in remote areas proves to be a boon for these needy people.

Apart from all such social service, this club is also engrossed in sports such as Badminton and carom. Players often come here to play these games and keep themselves mentally and physically fit and fine. Running a dance school is another important achievement of this club and of the club’s President, Sandip Das. Many well-known dancers are the product of the dance school run by this club. It not only enhances the dancer’s talent but is also an exercise for keeping oneself fit.


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