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Kojagari Lakshmi Puja (Lakhi Puja) Celebration in Siliguri


Today 18th Oct 2013 is the puja celebration day among Bengal and Bengalis named as Kojagari Lakshmi Puja also known as Lakhi Puja.Along with other places Siliguri is also one among the main places where Lakhi puja is grandly celebrated. Women are enthusiastic to celebrate Lakhi Puja with full belief on the goddess of wealth, prosperity and serenity, Maa Lakshmi. On this special occasion the women fast for full day and worship Maa Lakshmi with deep notion.

Their preparedness is done for few days before Lakhi puja. On this auspicious day, the full house is decorated with Alpana(Rangoli), Maa Lakhmi’s statue is placed in Alpana and the worship is done with flowers, milk, curd, coconut, sweets, khoi, deep and dhoop. The women on this day also read and listen to Maa Lakhmi’s vrat katha and request Maa Lakhmi to remain wealth, prosperity, health and serenity full year on their family and home with their worship.

Today on this special occasion there is a good crowd of people buying Maa Lakhi idol, sweets, flowers, etc in Siliguri. The sweet parlor, flower shops , and full market is decorated to attract buyers as in comparison of price today the price of everything is touching sky than regular days at Siliguri.

Today we can see the huge crowd at Mahabirsthan, Kela Hatti, Champasari, Hakimpara, Siliguri Bidhan Market, Regulated Market, etc.

Story Behind Lakhi Puja

Once there was a good king ruling Bengal.He promised all the artists of his nation that if any object made by those artists remains unsold, than he would buy them. Once incident happens that one artist made an idol of Alakshmi, the goddess of poverty which remained unsold but the King was true to his promise and bought that idol from the artist and installed the idol in his temple. As Lakshmi and Alakshmi cannot reside together, the wealth, prosperity and serenity was gone.

The worried king appealed to Lord Dharma to help him. Lord Dharma suggested the queen to do the Kojagari Lakshmi Vrat(fast) on the full moon night of Ashwin month. The queen obeyed the Lord Dharma’s suggestion and kept the vrat and worshiped goddess Lakhmi as per the rituals. As a result the statue of Alakshmi started melting away and the Lakshmi started reigning supreme in the kingdom and all the gone wealth, prosperity and serenity was back.

From that day people started celebrating Lakhi Puja on Kajagari Purnima (full moon night) that comes in the month of Ashwin in order to drive wealth, prosperity and serenity on their family and home. It is the first full moon after Durga puja ends.


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