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Milan Samity Club – Milanpally, Siliguri

Established in 1967, Milan Samity Club is one of the oldest and refined clubs of Milanpally, Siliguri. The club has contributed a lot towards the development of the society; it has worked tremendously for the up-liftment of the people of the town by bringing out their talents and encouraging them.

The club organizes competitions as in like dance and art competitions. These competitions held bring out the hidden gems in the crowd to come out and shine and along with it illuminate the surroundings too, says the club President Apu Poddar

Dance along with art is also an exercise in itself. It is a passion, a will. Leave alone the mortal figures; Lord Shiva himself is a patron of dance. His famous Natraj dance is an inspiration for all dancers in the world. The dance competitions help bring out different forms of dance in front of the people.

Art as such in drawing is more of a mental exercise. It is not less than meditation. Artists draw out their inspiration from each and everything they see or they imagine; their imagination knows no bounds. Art competition help to extend the imaginative borders and the to blend the real world with the illusionary world of the artists especially children in this case.

Along with this, the club puts its effort towards serving the society by organizing such programs as blood-donation camps and cloth distribution, says the club Secretary Tipu Ghosh.

There are millions of patients dying in hospitals due to lack of blood especially blood groups as b-negative n all due to lack of blood in hospitals and blood banks. It is the endeavor of clubs like Milan Samity to spread awareness among people about lack of blood at too pure blood and to encourage people to donate blood in order to save the lives of those people who die of scarcity of blood.

Apart from this, the club distributes clothes to the poor and the needy. There are huge sections of society who are below poverty line and cannot afford to gather even their basic amenities. It is in this time that clubs like this come forward to serve them and help them with clothes which are mostly needed during winters which have almost come.

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Madhusneh Prasad is presently doing her double M.A. in English and Mass Communication from Kalyani University and Sikkim Manipal University, Kolkata respectively.

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