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Milan Samity Durga Puja 2013 with Simplicity


Milan Samity Club will be celebrating its 49th Durga Puja 2013 with simplicity and royalty with the traditional puja theme this year, tells the Puja President Biswajit Ghosh. In today’s era when everyone is getting westernized and everything is getting modernized, the Puja Secretary, Goutam Saha has put forward his view of celebrating an Indian Traditional festival this year.

The lighting will be done by the attractive Led, the new mode of led lighting. The sound quality too will be the best. The pandal is being made of Bamboo, thermocol, plywood etc.

The decoration is being done by Siliguri’s Shiv Shankar’s Decorators and the idol is being made by Adhir Paul of Kumartoli, Siliguri. Now how many of you knew that a minor Kumartoli, Siliguri artists in our small town too? It’s great news to hear that our artists and painters of Siliguri do not need to flock out in search of better work and fame, our own people are there to appreciate our work as use of the local idol and the local decorators. This proves that Siliguri does not lag behind in anything instead, is self-sufficient.

Food and cloth will be distributed to one and all especially the poor and the needy on Asthami, the eight day of Navratri. Such a good work on such an auspicious day will not only bring upon the members of the club the poor’s blessings also the goddess’s blessings as well.

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