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Mordernized Kanyakumari Temple at GTS Club Siliguri


Established in 1962, GTS club is a pioneer in celebrating tradition festivals as Durga and Kali puja. Guess, who

Mordenized KanyaKumari Temple

Mordenized KanyaKumari Temple- GTS Club

is the President of the club? She is none other than the town’s mayor, Gangotri Dutta. Situated in Bhutia market, the club is going to celebrate its 52nd year of Kali puja.

This year the pandal will be based on modernized Kanyakumari temple. A new version of Vivekananda rock can be spotted this season as told by the puja president, Sri Milan Ghosh.

The lighting is being done by Siliguri artists which will be worth beholding. The decorators are coming from far away land to decorate the pandal. Decorators from Bongawn, 24 Pargana, West Bengal have been called for the initial and ultimate decoration of the entire pandal and its premises.

The joint puja secretaries, Utpal Chakraborty and Arijit Rudra have informed us that the materials used in the making of the pandal are plywood, steel, wooden photo frame and metallic stuff.


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