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Rathkhola Nabin Sangha – Rathkhola,Siliguri

Established in 1955, Rathkhola Nabin Sangha is a pioneer in cultural activity. The Club President, Sri. Vishnupada Choudhury has made sure that the club keeps up its name by contributing towards the society in many co-curricular activities.

According to the Club Secretary, Anil Kumar Sarkar Sports is a vital factor in the upbringing of a child. Sports along with being a talent are physical exercises too in which players learn co-ordination, co-operation and respect for the fellow players. It moulds the child into a humble yet ambitious person who competes but believes in healthy competition.

The club organizes Cricket coaching, a much favored game among the youth of today. Along with it, Volleyball tournament is held every year. Many refined cricket and volleyball players belong to this club. The players of this club are not only known for winning the game but are also admired as good human beings. They have name of their own that they have no issues following them , what follows only is good name and fame of the players which is directly responsible for the fame of the club. The credit of nurturing such talents goes to the club entirely.

Apart from Sports, the club is an achiever in celebrating cultural programs as well. West Bengal is nothing without the name of a very renowned personality, the noble laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. His birthday known as Rabindra Jayanti is celebrated with great pomp and show to show gratification to the noble works he has done in his life. The composer of our National Anthem and that of Gitanjali and many other precious works is remembered on this day as people pay their homage to the founder of Shankiniketan and the child of Jorasankho Thakurbari.

There is one more great soul without whom India would have not been recognized in the Globe. It was he who spoke in the Chicago Conference and the world aware about the rich culture and heritage of our beautiful country, India and this person is none other than the disciple of Ramkrishna, the child Naren better known as Swami Vivekananda. His birthday is too celebrated by marking the auspicious occasion by presenting flowers and garlands to his picture.

West Bengal like any other state has its own cultural background; in fact, it has a more cultural backdrop than any other state in India. 14th April, also known as ‘Poela Boisakh’ or the Bengali New Year is a must celebration in every Bengali household. And this club celebrates it in a grand scale.

It does not end with sports and cultural programs, there is yet much more that the club contributes to. The club works hard for the betterment of the society which is possible by spreading awareness among the masses and by taking care of their health. Keeping this in mind, the club organizes special programs to take care of the society.

Millions of people are dying today in nursing homes and hospitals due to lack of blood. Blood groups such as B negative and the like are rarer. The club extends its hand to such people by organizing blood donation camps. It is because of the endeavor of clubs like this that blood is available in the hospitals and in the blood banks.

The club also organizes free eye-check-up camp for one and all. It especially facilitates those people who do not have access to eye-hospital or do not have the money to pay for the doctor’s fees, hospital’s costs and medicine’s amount. And eye-disease is such a problem that is found in almost everyone especially the old and middle-age people.

Last but not the least, Rathkhola Nabin Sangha has established a Club’s Children Park where children can go and play with each other or in the swings and all and a good time with nature and with their friends. Parks are a wonderful place for social meeting between the kids where they play in harmony and in safety.

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