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Sanghashree Club, Subhashpally, Siliguri


Established in 1966, Sanghashree Club is situated in Subhaspally. The club is one of the oldest in town and has witnessed the growing up procedure of Siliguri from a village into a town.

The Club President, Balaram Sarkar has said that the club runs a Karate coaching center. Karate is one of the oldest art form and is very much needed in today’s world especially for the female strata of the society. The exploitation of women have increased a lot in today’s era; though the world has been modernized yet the minds of the men remain illiterate and inhuman and to safeguard oneself from these wolves of the society the women have to fight for themselves which is possible if they are taught Karate.

Art as such in drawing is more of a mental exercise. It is not less than meditation. Artists draw out their inspiration from each and everything they see or they imagine; their imagination know no bounds. Art competition help to extend the imaginative borders and the to blend the real world with the illusionary world of the artists especially children in this case.

Along with it, the club also organizes Blood Donation Camps, which is one of the noblest works. Many people die in nursing homes due to lack of blood. Patient of accidents, operations, Anemia and so on leave this world because they were not given blood at the right time. This happens because of scarcity of blood, rather pure blood in the hospitals and blood banks. It is due to the endeavour of such clubs that many lives can be saved by donating blood.

Apart from this, the club indulges itself in social service of the first order by distributing clothes to the poor and the needy. There is a huge bulk of society that are so poor that they cannot even afford two square meals leave alone getting dressed up adequately and when it comes to winter, clothing is utmost important along with food, water and air. And to such people are dedicated the food and clothing distribution,says, the Club Secretariat, Subroto Sarkar.

Along with all such activities, the club is also the organizer of Health Camps in which people come for their checkup and treatment. It especially facilitates those people who cannot afford to pay for the doctor’s fees and for their medicines and also for those people who are far away from hospitals and clinics.

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Madhusneh Prasad is presently doing her double M.A. in English and Mass Communication from Kalyani University and Sikkim Manipal University, Kolkata respectively.

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