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Shigmo is the another name of Holi in Goa


The festival of colors, HOLI is celebrated all over India. People celebrate this festival by throwing colors on each other. On this day they don’t care about the cast, religion or color. So here you can say that on this day people from all over India come together to celebrate the festival with lots of cheers, colors and music.

In Goa, Holi is played with lots of colors and joy. You might want to know that why holi is so much popular in India and why it is celebrated with lots of colors. So let me tell you something about this great festival….

Basically Holi is celebrated in the month of March which is also known as month of Phalgun. The word Holi is originated from Hiranyakashipu’s sister Holika. Holi is celebrated because of the story in old Hindu religion. Also according to an old Hindu Mythology, this festival is also a celebration to the death of Pootna, a deamon who has nearly killed Lord Krishna in his childhood. And the Pootna represents darkness and winter. I think now you have understand that why Holi is celebrated in India.

 In Goa, people gather to light bonfires for burning dried twigs and leaves. This ritual represents the destruction of evil, i.e. burning of Holika, a mythological character. Some people pray before the bonfire in the evening and then ignite them. It is same like praying the god in temples.

After that night old and young people gather together and play Holi by throwing colors on each other and dancing on music. The Holi celebration starts with morning and ends in the evening. In the evening people visit their neighbors and wishes them by exchanging gifts and sweets.

In Goa, Holi is famous with a special name called Shigmo. In most parts of Goa, this festival is celebrated by following all religious traditions. The beautiful, colorful festival is accompanied with fanfare. People also enjoy performances on drum beats and trumpets. Here in Goa, epic enactment of mythology is followed religiously. In some parts people also enjoy parades and regional dramas. Holi is enjoyed with so much enthusiasm that people from all over the world come here to enjoy the great festival of Holi. There are many places in Goa where people burn huge effigies and the burning of these effigies represents burning of evil.

The colors used for playing Holi also represent some beautiful messages.

  1. Green color represents understanding and it is a symbol of prosperity.
  2. Yellow color represents Optimism; this color is also regarded as an auspicious color. Yellow color is also associated with Mother Earth.
  3. Red color represents the color of fire. It is the source of security and energy.
  4. Blue color represents trust and loyalty.
  5. Pink color represents love.

So you might have gained the knowledge that how Holi is important in India and why it is played here. If you are not an India then I hope that you will also come India for participating in the Holi festival of Goa. Have fun in Holi!!!


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