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Significance of Makar Sakranti and Ways People Celebrate in India


Makar Sakranti is the popular festival of India. It’s is being celebrated in many portions of the country and also in some other chunks of the world with great passion and interest. It is a fruit-age carnival which is mostly celebrated in the Hindu societies. It is mainly celebrated in the states of Bihar, Bengal,Punjab,Maharashtra,Gujarat,Rajasthan and TamilNadu with great glory & enthusiasm. Every State is known for their own festival like Tamilnadu for Pongal, Assam for Bhogali Bihu,Punjab for Lohri . The Festival of Makar Sakranti is not only popular in India but it’s celebrated outside the nation also in the countries like Nepal, Thailand etc.

The fiesta of Makar Sankranti symbolizes the period when the sun originates its journey and enters the sign of Makar(the Capricorn) from the Tropic of Cancer. It is Identical the association of sun from Dakshinaya (south) to Uttarayana (north) hemisphere. It’s one of the limited chosen Indian Hindu fiestas which come on the fixed date every year bestowing to the Hindu Astrophysical Calendar. The centenary is measured to be the period since where onwards all the propitious ceremonial rituals can be celebrated in every Hindu family. Hence it is reflected as the divine stage of evolution.

Sakranti means shifting of Sun from one zodiac in Indian prophecy. By way of each Hindu expected principles, altogether consists of 12 Sankrantis. However the carnival is feted only on the event of Makar Sakranti. I.e. the switch of the Sun from Sagittarius (‘Dhanu’ Rashi) to Capricorn (‘Makara’ Rasi). In this occasion, the zodiacs are dignified side really, and not tropically, in direction to justify the Earth’s precession. The fiesta tumbles around 21 days afterwards the stifling winter time which deceits between Dec 20 to 23rd. The Sun symbols the beginning of Uttarayana which capitals northern evolvement of Sun.

Makar Sakranti grasps exceptional impact as on this time the planetary calendar dealings the day and night to be of equivalent periods on this day. Since this day onwards, the days turn into longer and electric fire. The significance of the day was implied by the Aryans who started rejoicing this day as a promising day for fiestas. Flush in the heroic of Mahabharata, an event mentions how people in that period also measured the day as promising.


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