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Siliguri Central Colony Durga Puja Committee all set to surprise visitors


The Central Colony Durga Puja Committee, one of the big-budget organizers of Durga Puja in North Bengal, is all set to surprise visitors with an astonishing theme, aesthetic craft-work, decoration and lights on its 51st year of celebrations. The committee uses the NF Railway Institute ground near NJP Gate Bazar as the venue for erecting the Puja Pandal.

The committee’s Durga Puja organization is one of the 42 big-budget events in North Bengal and has bagged several awards under numerous categories over the years. Last year, it clinched 19 awards including the best Puja award across North Bengal.

The theme adopted by the committee this year has become a hot topic of discussion among locals. Shakti Sharma, one of the craftsmen from Kolkata behind this year’s theme, said it represents the “origin of the goddess Durga” that can be interpreted as the embodiment of feminine power on Earth. He said the theme will try to describe how Durga evolved from the collective powers of Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva to annihilate Mahisasura, the symbol of evil in Hindu mythology.

Sharma further said the main puja mandap will be surrounded by idols of several deities with the idol of Durga atop a massive lotus. The puja committee is trying to embody the very spirit of Hindu mythology in this year’s theme and as many as 35 craftsmen from Kolkata have been working since the past three months to execute this massive task.

Puja President, Mr. Jayanta Dey and joint Vice Prseidents, Mr. Rajiv Majumdar and Mr. Shyamal Chakraborty have named the theme ‘Shakti’ and are getting the idol of goddess Durga from Kumartoli, Kolkata made by the hands of the renouned artist Bappi Mullick. Pandal will be made of raw materials such as plywood, brass, thermocole and raw iron metal.

ParthaDey, the joint secretary of the puja committee, said, “this year’s budget is approximately Rs18 lakh.” The committee has planned to organise a number of programs that will include awareness campaigns on dengue, pollution and the ill-effects of using plastic bags as well as a free eye-operation facility for cataracts. Dengue fever is a disease spread by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito and caused by one of four dengue viruses that are closely related. They have an infection in thier system and when an infected mosquito bites it transfers to another person. It causes major headaches and muscle stiffnes. Dengue virus has captured the entire city, meny people have fallen ill and have evn dies due to the evils of dengue.

North Bengal Development Minister Sri Gautam Deb, the chief patron of this puja committee, visited the site on Friday and has expressed confidence about the grand success of the Central Colony Durga Puja Committee.

Alike previous years the committee shall dedicate them to the following services to the visitors ,volunteers and others to whom the specific assignments of works will rest.

  • Free tea services to all.
  • Free purified drinking water.
  • Toilets arrangement for gent and ladies.
  • Parking zone for car ,auto ,two wheelers, etc ..
  • First-aid ,medical(preliminary) arrangement with proper medical team.
  • Tight security arrangement.
  • Dedicated volunteer services for the visitors 24 hr


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