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Siliguri Rabindra Sangha


Siliguri Rabindra Sangha situated in Rabindrapally, Siliguri was established in 1952. The club has lots to offer to the society including sports, social service, cultural activities and the like.

The club is a pioneer in sports especially Table Tennis. Siliguri famous for it’s T’s including Tea and Tourism also feature Table Tennis in it. Table Tennis though an indoor game is quite known outdoors. With two players with a mini bat each and a small ball standing across a table with a net in between is what table tennis all about but playing it is actually not easy. Table tennis better known as TT is widely played in schools and inter-school and intra-school tournaments are too held but the club has popularized it by taking it to district, state and national level. Giving coaching to the ones who are interested in TT and the ones who do not have the privilege to play it in school is a wonderful task taken by the club.Highly talented TT players come out of the club each year.

Along with Table Tennis, the club also patronizes Athletics and football. The club seems to do stuffs different from other clubs which can be proved by its choice of TT and Athletics, which other clubs do not patronize. The club has a number of affiliations in its name. The Club President, Mr.Tapan Dutta said that the club is affiliated to I.F.A., C.A.B., W.B.D.S.F.,B.T.T.A.,S.M.K.P.,S.D., and T.T.A.

Athletics along with being a sport, is also a highly physical exercise. Loads and loads f people of all ages are seen jogging every morning and evening at parks and streets but how many of them become athletes. Only the ones who have a zeal for it and are under correct guidance reach the level. And the club extends its helping hand to such people who wish to go ahead in this long run.

One more sport favored by the club is football. Football is a much wanted game for the kids and the youth especially for the boys. Be it summer, winter or rainy season, young boys and military men are seen on the fields playing the favorite game, football. Rain and slush is even more dear to the players of football. The club channelizes the energy of such young people and mould them in correct fashion in order to become renowned football players.


Apart from sports,the club indulges in social activities such as Pulse Polio Program, Blood Donation Camps and Free Health Chekup Camps for one and all, says the Club Secretary, Mr.Subrata Dey.

Setting Blood Donation Camp is one of the noblest works. Many people die in nursing homes due to lack of blood. Patient of accidents, operations, Anemia and so on leave this world because they were not given blood at the right time. This happens because of scarcity of blood, rather pure blood in the hospitals and blood banks. It is due to the endeavor of such clubs that many lives can be saved by donating blood.

Organizing Pulse Polio Booth for the new born kids is again a note-worthy job of the club. Providing for ‘do boond zindagi ki’ can never go in vain. Kids are given polio drops which ensures that they never get affected by polio disease ever in their life.

Along with all such activities, the club is also the organizer of Free Health Chekup Camps in which people come for their checkup and treatment. It especially facilitates those people who cannot afford to pay for the doctor’s fees and for their medicines and also for those people who are far away from hospitals and clinics and cannot avail the hospital’s facilities.

Last but not the least, Rabindra Sangha indulges in cultural activities. Celebration of birthdays of Honorable people and of different festivals and occasions are the order of the day. Apart from blood donation, pulse polio, and free health checkup the club is engrossed in many other social activities like distribution of food and clothes to the poor and needy, etc. The club has also been awarded by Khadim Ananda Bazar Shrestho Durgotsav award and also the by the Police and Administration of Siliguri.

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