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Sukanta Nagar Sporting Club, Sukantanagar, Siliguri


Sukanta Nagar Club came into existence 48 years ago and since then it has been continually working for its development and the upliftment of the society as a whole. It holds many social as well as cultural activities as told by the Club President, Mr. Alok Baraik.

Helping the society with blood-donation program is it’s first step towards mankind. There are millions of patients dying in hospitals due to lack of blood especially blood groups as b-negative n all due to lack of blood in hospitals and blood banks. It is the endeavor of clubs like this to spread awareness among people about lack of blood that too pure blood and to encourage people to donate blood in order to to save the lives of those people who die of scarcity of blood for it is well said,“Give Blood, Save Life”.

The club organizes Cricket coaching, a much favored game among the youth of today. It participates in the cricket tournament every year. Many refined cricketers belong to this club. The players of this club are not only know for winning the game but are also admired as good human beings. They have name of their own that they have no issues following them , what follows only is good name and fame of the players which is directly responsible for the fame of the club. The credit of nurturing such talents goes to the club entirely.

The Club Secretary, Uttam Mandal has said that the club runs a Karate coaching center. Karate is one of the oldest art form and is very much needed in today’s world especially for the female strata of the society. The exploitation of women have increased a lot in today’s era; though the world has been modernized yet the minds of the men remain illiterate and inhuman and to safeguard oneself from these wolves of the society the women have to fight for themselves which is possible if they are taught Karate.

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Madhusneh Prasad is presently doing her double M.A. in English and Mass Communication from Kalyani University and Sikkim Manipal University, Kolkata respectively.

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