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Suryanagar Friends Union – Suryanagar, Siliguri

Suryanagar Friends Union has completed its 59 years of establishment tells the Club President, Pabitra Kumar Nandi. The club ever since it has come to existence is working day and night for the betterment of the society. It organizes many social and cultural activities and makes sure of active participation of one and all in its social cause.

The first thing that the club does which no other club does is the distribution of books and study materials to the Madhyamik and HS passed poor students. Their is no scarcity of gems in this Earth especially India but they can;t afford to study and utilize money in books because of their poor condition. The club offers books to them and them study and refine the gems which illuminate the society with their sparkling brilliance.

Along with this noble cause, the club indulges itself in another noble deed. Along with books, kambals and cloth materials are distributed among the poor and the needy. There is a huge section of the society who cannot even afford two square times meals leave alone affording adequate clothing and especially in winter when clothing becomes utmost importance. Many people die shivering in the cold. It is for them that the club extends its helping hand and delivers them from chill and cold.

The club takes care of the society by taking care of their health too. Medical Checkup Camps are held by the club to make sure that the people of the lower strata can get themselves checked up and treated. Homeopathy medicines are also given to the people who require it. Along with this, free eye checkup is also organized for all people. These health concerns of the club facilitates those people who cannot afford to pay for the doctor’s fees and for the hospital facilities and for the medicines. It is also for those people who stay far away and cannot avail medical facilities.

Apart from such social service, the club runs its own Community Hall for marriage and functions for the poor people. The club charges minimal amount from poor people making it possible for them to afford a nice wedding and a proper function in a bigger place with more guests.

The club doesn’t stop here, it makes contribution for the girls in their marriage. Such charity enables the girl’s family to take out the costs and marry off their daughter with pomp and show. The parents of the bride can do all possible things they think of doing in their daughter’s marriage.

It is very thoughtful of the club to organize so many social service programs especially providing for books, community hall and charity, said the proud yet humble Club Secretary, Krishna Chandra Paul.

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Madhusneh Prasad is presently doing her double M.A. in English and Mass Communication from Kalyani University and Sikkim Manipal University, Kolkata respectively.

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