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Rathkhola Sporting Club Puja Pandal themed to Stop Violence against Women
Durga Puja Siliguri 2014

Siliguri Durga Puja 2014 Updates:The concept of Durga Puja will get a fresh twist this festive season, with the RathKhola Sporting Club, Siliguri Puja Pandal Under Construction taking up the issue of violence against women as the Puja theme. This year the club is celebrating 49th anniversary of Durga Puja and have named their Durga Puja Theme, “Mayer Mukute Maa”, the club member Mr. Alok Ghosh said that, the Puja Pandal this year is based on

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Mangaldeep – the burning lamp in Rathkhola Sporting Club this Durga Puja

Rathkhola Sporting Club will be celebrating its 48 years of Durga Puja and on this auspicious occasion they have named the theme auspiciously calling it ‘Mangaldeep’,i.e. pure, divine light burning in the name of God. The pandal will be a huge shining one just like a huge ‘deep’ burning, told the Puja President, Subhaas Bhowal. The club’s theme is based on a research work done by its team. According to NASA report, the Maya calender has

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Rathkhola Sporting Club, Subhashpally, Siliguri

Rathkhola Sporting Club situated in Subhaspally was established in the year 1964 is a pioneer in maintaining the cultural heritage of Bengal.It works towards the betterment of the society and organizes several camps to serve the people of Siliguri, says, the Club President Subhaas Bhowal. The Club runs an art school for the children who are passionate about art. Art apart from being a talent, is also a mental exercise. It calms the mind and channelizes

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Durga Puja 2013 Nabin Sangha Durga Puja with Traditional Temple

Rathkhola Nabin Sangha will be celebrating its 46th year of Durga Puja which means a lot, after all 46 years is a decade, as said by the Puja President Arun Bhattacharya. The Puja Secretary, Suman Sengupta have told us that the club this year is going to celebrate a traditional Durga Puja by making the Pandal in a traditional temple form. The club’s pandal had to be traditional keeping in mind all the cultural programs it held every year to commemorate

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Rathkhola Nabin Sangha – Rathkhola,Siliguri

Established in 1955, Rathkhola Nabin Sangha is a pioneer in cultural activity. The Club President, Sri. Vishnupada Choudhury has made sure that the club keeps up its name by contributing towards the society in many co-curricular activities. According to the Club Secretary, Anil Kumar Sarkar Sports is a vital factor in the upbringing of a child. Sports along with being a talent are physical exercises too in which players learn co-ordination, co-operation

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