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Durga Puja Pandal and Idol Made of Glass Bangles and Golden Foil to attract maximum visitors
Siliguri Durga Puja 2014

Siliguri Durga Puja Updates 2014: Durga Puja is knocking the door and various Durga Puja Committees are apparently engaged in decoration their Puja Pandal. Like every year Shailendra Smriti Pathagar and Club of SMC Ward No. 31 Shaktigarh have selected very unique and innovative theme for Durga Puja. This year Shaktigarh Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee is celebrating their 63rd year of Durga Puja and they are preparing their pandal with Glass Bangles

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Ujjwal Sangha Seated in a Mythical Lotus Flower this Durga Puja 2013
Ujjwal Sangha Club (Durga Puja 2013)

Ujjwal Sangha has been awarded as the best Puja for several times by several organization and the Ujjwal Sangha Sarbojonin Durga Puja Committee also has been awarded for disciplined puja committee for handling more than a million visitors. In the 60th anniversary of Durga Puja, Ujjwal Sangha Sarbojonin Durga Puja Committee like every year, this time they have geared-up to attract the Durga Puja visitors. They are going to surprise entire North Bengal

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Siliguri Sailendra Smriti Pathagar O Club

Established in 1952 and situated in Shaktigarh, Sailendra Smriti Pathagar O Club also known as Shaktigar Pathagar is not only confined with social service point of view but to also to achieve an outstanding force to maintain cultural heritage and tranquality of the inhabitants of this area. Along with it, this club is also a leading organization for keeping green environment in terms of culture, sports and educational sphere with the constant and

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