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Traditional Puja Pandal of Mahanada Sporting Club will hookup visitors


Mahananda Sporting Club will be celebrating its 55 years of Puja Pandal decoration this time. The Puja President, Subal Dutta along with Puja Secretary, Milan Bose and the other committee members have decided to celebrate traditional Durga puja this time.

In this modern era of globalization and westernization, people are brainwashed to follow the West. The people of Orient especially India are moving away from their roots; They are forgetting their own culture; Are separating from their own tradition and not keeping the respect of their own soil. The youth of today are blinded by the charm of the West and are blindly following it. Be it whatever rituals or ceremonies, now-a-days no one follows it in its entirety and this world of today Mahanada Sporting Club is organizing a simple, traditional Puja this year. It’s a hat off situation for them and for their this move they require a standing ovation.

The Puja Pandal and the Idol of goddess Durga will be made of Eco-friendly materials and the lightning will be done of high quality. The entire decoration will display ‘simplicity is truth’ still holding the simple yet beautiful demeanor of Siliguri.


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