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Ujjwal Sangha Club – Shaktigarh, Siliguri

Siliguri Ujjwal Sangha, one of the oldest organizers of Durga Puja in North Bengal, is all set to surprise visitors with an astonishing theme, aesthetic craftwork, decoration and lights on its 60th year of celebrations.

The committee’s puja organization is one of the 42 big-budget events in North Bengal and has bagged several awards under numerous categories over the years especially bagging the best pandal award several times.

Established in 1953, this club is patronise of football. Headed by Club President, this club runs football coaching and training center. All school going children can avail this facility. This club also organizes training courses for the ones who wish to excel in this game. Rainy season is the most favorite season for football players. They love to fiddle with the ball in slush and rain the field. Even the elder people become kids when they join the children and the youth while playing football in the ground.

The Club is also into social service. It distributes clothes and foodstuffs to the poor and the needy. It supplies the poor and the needy with the basic amenities thus, earning their blessings.

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