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Ujjwal Sangha Seated in a Mythical Lotus Flower this Durga Puja 2013

Ujjwal Sangha Club (Durga Puja 2013)

Ujjwal Sangha has been awarded as the best Puja for several times by several organization and the Ujjwal Sangha Sarbojonin Durga Puja Committee also has been awarded for disciplined puja committee for handling more than a million visitors.

In the 60th anniversary of Durga Puja, Ujjwal Sangha Sarbojonin Durga Puja Committee like every year, this time they have geared-up to attract the Durga Puja visitors. They are going to surprise entire North Bengal by the lights effects of the Puja Pandal and with a centralized Air Conditioned Puja Mandap with Silvery Finished Ek Chala Pratima.

The pandal will be in the form of a Lotus using aluminum sheet, fiber, plywood etc. The Silvery Finished Ek Chala Pratima, Durga Maa idol will beautify the otherwise already beautiful pandal. The lighting and the sound used will be of a high quality to enable smooth functioning of the gadgets. Keeping in mind about the huge gathering of visitors and the weather,the puja committee have installed centralized Air Condition in puja mandap which will really relax the tired visitor.

Durga Puja Opening Ceremony of will be held at 9th October 2013, 4 pm by Gautam Deb, Hon’ble Minister North Bengal Development Department and all our Hon’ble Guests.

So, this time in Durga Puja, if you are tired and want to relax and enjoy the lighting and sound and yes Durga Puja too then head-over to Ujjwal Sangha Sarbojonin Durga Puja Committee i.e. at Shaktigarh Ground. The puja committee are fully planned to make all the visitors relax with awesome huge Lotus Shaped Pandal, beautiful Durga Ma Idol, Lighting, HQ Sound Systems, Centralized Air Condition and have fun too.

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