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Vidyasagar Club Durga Puja Theme- Tribhuaneshwari


Shyamal Tarafdar, the Puja Committee Secretary along with the Club Secretary, the Club President and the other committee members have made a well developed plan regarding Durga-Puja Celebration.

They have named the theme as “Tribhuwaneshwari”, all the three ‘Loks’ i.e Brahmalok, Vishnulok and Maheshlok will be displayed in the puja pandals.

The lighting system inside the pandal will display sun, stars, etc. to give the feel of the universe. 10 ‘avatars’ of lord Vishnu will be displayed too. The idol of the goddess will be made as ‘Tribhuwaneshwari’, the goddesss of all the three lok.

The Pandal will be shaped as the holy Lotus, the King of Flowers and the pandal will be decorated using ‘shankha’, glass fiber and other raw materials.


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