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Why Christmas is also known as BadaDin in India?


It would not an exaggeration, if we call Indian culture as the combination of traditions. Like all other festivals of India, Christmas is also celebrated in a big way in India. But have you ever thought why Christmas is called as Bada Din (Big Day) in India? Well, Christmas is celebrated for the joy of birth of the Lord Jesus Crist.

There are different kinds of prevalent and beliefs calling Christmas as Bada Din in India. It is said that before Christmas was also named as Roman Festival in India, people used to give gifts to each other in this beautiful occasion. When gradually Christian civilization began to flourish in India, they started to celebrate this festival as Bada Din. Beside this, there are many stories attached with the birth of Lord Jesus which are prevalent in India.

25th December is not the actual date of birth of Jesus Christ. Based on Aanno Dominy Times, Lord Jesus was born between 7 and 2 BC later it was known as Roman Festival and today it is also called as Bada Din. In the whole world Christmas is celebrated on 25th December but in Germany the Christmas Celebration starts from 24th December.

Santa Clause has its own significance on the day of Christmas. It is believed that Santa Clause brings lots of toys, gifts and chocolates for kids during Christmas. Santa Clause is also called as the Father of Christmas who comes only once a year i.e. on the day of Christmas. Another interesting aspect of Christmas is the story of the birth of Christ which has no connection with the story of Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas, Bishop of the city called Mira Bey says the name of Santa Claus, a tradition started in about the fourth century they used to give out gifts to the poor and destitute children.

Whether we call this day, Christmas or Bada Din, there is the flow of happiness everywhere on this day. People decorate their homes, Churches are decorated and prayers are conducted. Now there are few days left for Christmas, the market is prepared with the decorative items, greeting cards, Christmas cakes, Santa’s Cap and Costumes, Christmas tree and many other decorative items.


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